Thursday, March 8, 2012


It's possibly probably highly likely that I'm somewhat a lot obsessed with urbanism now. I'm taking an urban design studio this term, and although the scale of our project/master plan can be overwhelming, the challenge is really eye-opening and thought provoking.

We spent this week on case studies, and I researched the H&deM housing project in Paris, 149 Rue des Suisse. I wasn't particularly fond of this project initially, to be perfectly honest, but I grew to like it a lot the more I learned about it. What I like best is the way Herzog and de Meuron have succeeded in creating a diversity of experiences to accommodate a multitude of diverse lifestyles and bring together several layers and social demographics. Though considered social housing, the intention was to create something that felt anything but. Social housing should provide the same dignified sense of home that other housing does.

So the Rue des Suisse looks something like this: 

I didn't take any of these shots, or draw that brilliant sketch. Just by the way.

But I did make these diagrams! And I've decided I really like diagramming. Its fascinating how elimination of some data and focus on others can completely change the way information is communicated and perceived.

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