Tuesday, March 13, 2012


wayyyyy too tired to post anything but pictures of this work in progress; good news: so close to finishing! it should be done tomorrow! i promise to have good quality photos at the end :)

Buying new paint is the best, especially when the colors are delicioussss

 More or less how the canvas looked yesterday morning...

Until after more and more and more layers of paint and text, I started to get to this...

And my thoughts got all awesomely unpretentiously deep, ha. But seriously, I just read John Green's The Fault In Our Stars in one sitting today, and it just made me think about mortality and how fascinating our ephemeral lives are and I am entirely too exhausted to get into this now because I shall spout gibberish, but everyone should read this book because it is beauty. 

How it looks overall right now...

And another detail of my thoughts.

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