Thursday, March 15, 2012


It's complete, it's complete! Here's how it looks overall. I had been channeling my inner Da Vinci (we all have an inner Da Vinci, seriously. You just hafta listen for it); really, I was sort of treating this as a sketchbook of thoughts. And I went a sort of anatomical route, because when I think of humanity and our ultimate ephemerality and struggle to transition to permanence, I equate it with flight. We've always been fascinated with the idea of lifting off of solid earth and achieving the complete and utter independence of flight. We haven't really gotten it yet. But we always try, don't we? That's the thing about humans. Who cares how impossible something sounds? There will always be at least one person amongst us who will believe in the unlikely, the improbable, the supposedly impossible. And we've made a lot of impossible things happen. It's almost as if the knowledge of having an end date to our lives pushes us to seek a purpose, to love without restraint, to live to our fullest, to seek adventure, to fight with all our heart to make the most of what little time we have. And as Michael puts it, "by the nature of our inescapable conflict with a temporal existence, our lives are beautiful, our actions powerful, and maybe somehow our existence slightly more permanent."
I think that captures it perfectly.
Detail shots follow!

[p.s. click on the images for a higher resolution shot]

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