Friday, March 23, 2012

THURSDAY NIGHT | brrrrilliant crazy art and philosophy and life and music and inspiration conversation with the inimitable Justin Klein
FRIDAY MORNING | inspiring brainstorm session in Design
FRIDAY AFTERNOON | table overlooking the entire store at Medici and getting a lot of writing done as I observed everyone around me + giving Michael his painting! + awesome awesome conversation with him about Vonnegut and playwrights and the descent into madness and the beauties in tragedy and The Fault In Our Stars + lunch and Bubble Tea with Ayesha, Maliha, and Amirah + getting stuck in an overheated car + cute detective guy
FRIDAY NIGHT | chilling at Amirah's place + letting Ayesha use my face for a canvas + Amirah's homemade tacos + The Cakeball at the Domain with spectacular people

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